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Advantages of using an authorised Nissan garage

Will it can be tempting to have your Nissan serviced by a regular third party garage, we highly recommend seeking out an authorised Nissan mechanic.

Grattan Motors is Dublin 8s only approved Nissan car garage. This means all our mechanics are fully certified by the Nissan corporation. This certification is proof our mechanics have experience with all makes and models of Nissan. Today's blog looks at some of the advantages of using a Nissan approved car garage.


Certified mechanics

As mentioned, all car garage mechanics are fully certified by Nissan. We've gone through all the testing requirements that Nissan demand to become a certified mechanic. We have experience working with specific Nissan vehicles ensuring that both our services and repairs or up to the exacting standards of the Nissan corporation.


Nissan Parts

We also stock Nissan parts. These parts are sourced directly from the Nissan company, ensuring that the new car part won't cause any issues with the rest of the engine when placed in the car.


Specialist equipment

We look at everything from a car's exhaust system to brake fluid to engine filters as part of our service. We also use proprietary design equipment to check for faults or issues with the car's engine or electrical system. These proprietary machines are designed specifically for Nissan cars. This means we can offer a far superior service to any third party. What's more, we'll make sure to catch any issues during the maintenance procedures with these proprietary systems. By identifying potential problems, car owners can avoid costly repairs down the road.

If you're a Nissan owner in the Dublin area, we recommend booking your next service with our garage. We offer cost-effective car services and car repairs. Appointments can be made by contacting our garage directly on (01) 453 3285. For more information on Nissan servicing, please see our Nissan servicing page.

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